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Dowsing - how does it work

Most people readily associate dowsing with finding water! However you can use dowsing rods and pendulums for so much more including health, medicine, allergies, chakra balancing, archaeology, alchemy, finding hidden artefacts and minerals, spirits etc.

No one has yet been able to fully describe how or why dowsing works! Certainly both the right and left hand sides of the brain are used, the intellect (left) to frame and ask the questions, the intuitive (right) to gain the answers.

Further explanations include channelling universal energies, our internal sensory systems picking up electrical currents that then move the wrists due to involuntary stimuli of the muscles, external forces moving the rods, the subconscious mind taking over etc.

Maybe it is all or just some of these factors that come into play making dowsing such a useful, unique and wonderful healing medium.

There is no end of enjoyment you can get by asking the rods or pendulum questions on all sorts of subjects. The list is endless. But don't forget that you can only get a yes or no answer from them!

The Witchcraft Act was only repealed in 1952 so no wonder then that dowsers only told people that they found water!!

How will you feel

After the initial healing work has taken place I will be in close contact with you asking for feedback as some fine-tuning might be needed along the way.

Many of my clients have acknowledged that they have experienced an increased feeling of wellbeing and that the whole family has become a much closer unit after my healing. "The house feels lighter" remarked one client "Rather like putting on a pair of glasses, the house appears sharper and more in focus".

Many have also experienced the need to de-clutter, redecorate and to reasses their lives.

The words self-empowerment has been mentioned more than once!


Useful Links:

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British Society of Dowsers
American Society of Dowsers
Mirror Waters
Canadian Society of Dowsers
Penwith Press (stockists of Hamish Miller books and DVD's)
Tamar Dowsers
Joey Korn (American dowser)
Slim Spurling (American dowser) 
The Radionic Association

Independent Publishing

Michelle Gordon (helped publish and edit  'Heal Your Home') *Highly Recommended*

Vibrational Medicine/Essences

Janita Goodwin

Osteopaths and Kinesiologists

Addiction Services

Full Stop Addiction (Francis and Helen Lickerish) UK

Addiction Resources USA

American Society of Addiction Medicine

Addiction Center (Orlando)

RehabCenters USA

Drug Rehab Connections (USA)

Drug and Healthcare Safety (RX Dangers USA)

Drug Treatment Centre Finder (USA)

Detox to Rehab (USA)

Drug Dangers (USA)

Quit Smoking (USA Site)

American Cancer Society

Change of Lifestyle

Kenny D'Cruz

Angela Delglyn - Soul Planning and Metabolic Typing

Associated sites of Interest

Shambhala Healing Tools
The Template
Angel Guide (All about Angels)
Templar Trails
Crop Circles (Lucy Pringle)
U.K. Reiki Federation
Society of Psychical Research
Pyramid of Life
Labyrinthina (Nazca lines and Peru)
Chalice Well, Glastonbury
Gatekeepers Trust (spiritual walks)
Holy Wells
Federation of Damanhur, Italy
Flower of Life Research
Stargaia, Glastonbury (Holistic Centre)
The White Eagle Lodge
Fortean Times
Infoholix (directory of complementary medicine)
Avalon Rising (Glastonbury information)
Wessex Research Group (co-ordinating network for spiritual research)
Click for Therapy (directory of Complementary and Alternative Therapists)


Caroline Molloy Studios

Clairvoyant/Tarot/Graphology/Angel Therapy

Linda Monjack

Crystal Shops

The Crystal Man of Glastonbury (Mike)

Spiritual Magazines

Paradigm Shift

Spiritual Bookshops

Labyrinth Books Glastonbury

Buddhist Centres and Teachings

Siddhartha Foundation, Kathmandu
London Buddhist Centre
Maitreya Project
Shambhala Services Foundation
Buddha's Village
Kagyu Samye Ling Buddhist MonasteryM

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