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What I Do

I work as a full time Geomancer (Earth Healer), am a former Vice President of The British Society of Dowsers and past Chair of The Earth Energies Group and Dowsing for Health Group as well as a Reiki Master and holistic masseur.

I come from a practical background having owned a busy estate agency practice in South West Surrey for almost twenty years, however dowsing has been with me since I was a seven-year-old boy, through it I am constantly discovering so much about people and the world that we live with.

I still work with houses, now I heal them rather than sell them!

The family is as important as the environment in which they live, so much of my healing is directed towards them. The house needs to be cleared of detrimental energies as do the people living in it, this way you begin to create a balance and harmony.

I dowse remotely only needing a floor plan of your home to provide you with a detailed geopathic stress report; a visit can be arranged if required.

I have trained a number of people around the country to work with me.

Telephone: 01423 781974

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floorplansWhat You Need To Do

Sending me a drawing of your home heightens the intent and enables me to work in greater detail and depth.

I will need your full name (and any family members), address and postal code as well as a plan/sketch showing all floors and garden layout.

I then prepare a detailed report and send it to you. I am also happy to explain my findings on the telephone.

A unique healing will then take place in an individual 'sacred session'.

Feedback is so important and we will be in regular contact with you during the healing.

You can either email your plans by photographing them with a digital camera and sending me the jpgs or put them in the post. The rest, as they say, is up to me!

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The fees are like all of us, individual. It really does depend on how long the work takes me.

I am always happy to discuss the costs with you and do offer an initial free consultation to make sure that I can help you.

Telephone: 01423 781974

50% of the fee when the report is received and the remaining 50% once the healing process is finalised.

Support Structure

Feedback is important and helps me to fine tune the process. Within my fees I provide a two month support structure set out as follows:

Six telephone conversations over an eight week period. 

Of which I would normally suggest four telephone calls during the first month (one a week) and two further conversations during the second month.

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