"I feel free to move forward, I don't feel blocked anymore"


I have written various articles over the years for some national magazines:

Geopathic Stress (Paradigm Shift)
Dowsing 'What can we do with it' Page 1
Dowsing 'What can we do with it' Page 2
Heal your home (Spirit and Destiny)
Stone Circle research (Dowsing Today)
Bosnia Pyramid enigma (Dowsing Today)
Property Dowsing (Kindred Spirit)
How does dowsing work?

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AIW podcast 2009:

Download this audio file here

BBC Guernsey interview:

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The Right Side of Things - Rick Fiorio Show, December 2013:

 Download this audio file here


The Shining Ones, Stone Circles and the Bosnian Pyramids



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