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Intuition DVD

Intuition-dvd-2012-bigIntuition - Your hidden treasure

£13.95 + (UK £1.75 p&p, Overseas £6.75 p&p)

The first DVD in a series bringing dowsing into the 21st Century. (Click here for a review)

This ancient art has been practiced for several thousand years and used by many people in healing, finding lost things, bore holes and water etc.

On this DVD Adrian Incledon-Webber, a master dowser, looks at ways of using this knowledge in today's busy world.

From the initial 'how to make a pair of rods' to dowsing a castle in Wales for ghosts Adrian and film cameraman Tim Walter (Sun and the Serpent, Diverse Dowsing etc) slowly unravel some of the mysteries surrounding dowsing showing you just what you can do using your intuition and a pair of cut up coat hangers.

The film moves from ancient sacred sites in Guernsey to Avebury, standing stone in Wales to a race course in Somerset via a home with geopathic stress and detrimental household object.

Intuition is our birthright, we are born with it but slowly over the years we are taught to use the left hand side of our brain (logic), not the right hand side (intuitive), this DVD will help you to start on a new journey, getting you to know the real you, the INNER YOU!

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