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Health Issues

People under stress:

We all know that sleep is good for us, it enables the body to repair itself from the rigours of the day i.e. drinking, smoking, pollution, stress at work etc. Cells need to be renewed, nutrients absorbed and food digested.

If this natural balance is disturbed by external influences problems may occur.

Much research has been done, especially in Germany where they actually manufacture bio-resonance machines that measure these harmful rays, into the effects of geopathic stress in homes and schools with some startling discoveries. See 'Earth Currents - The Causitive Factor of Cancer and Other Diseases' by Baron Gustav von Pohl and 'Earth Radiation' by Kathe Bachler for further details of how we are affected by natural energies from the earth.

Man made electro-magnetic fields also create stress (technopathic) through computers, microwave ovens, televisions, mobile telephones, electrical wiring and lighting. Problems may also result from nearby pylons, underground cables and pipes etc.

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