"My house now feels at peace"

Earth Energies

Water veins

Much of the research (Germany and France) has shown that a water vein running beneath our homes etc is detrimental to our health, especially when two cross or mix with an energy line.

This research linked cancer, leukaemia, arthritis and rheumatism with these affects. Baron Gustav Von Pohl wrote a breakthrough book in 1932 entitled 'Erdstrahlen als Krankheitserreger' (Earth Radiation as a Pathogen) citing the Krebs (cancer) houses in the village of Vilsbiburg near Munich as evidence for his theory.

Many of the detrimental effects can come from human emotion as well as Earth radiation.

Kathe Bachler in recent years published 'Earth Radiation' an informative book on the subject with over 11,000 test being carried out on people, their homes and workplaces.

Earth Energy Leys/Lines

Power lines of the planet taking energy to where it is needed. These are necessary for life on Earth and cannot be moved, they can however be harmonised so that we can live within and above them.

Energy Spirals

These vortices are created when energy lines and/or water cross setting up detrimental areas that are not good to live or sleep above. They can cause insomnia, night sweats, nausea etc and will drain your body of its natural energy.


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