"The house feels warmer and safer"

Divorce Houses

Domestic disharmony

How often have you seen the same house repeatedly sold because of divorce?

The couple were blissfully happy when they moved there two years ago but are now splitting up. The same thing happened to the family before them and the energies left there could well affect the next family.

We are all effected by other peoples' thoughts and emotions, good and bad!

Human conflict and emotion

Conflict and emotion, where would we be without those two words? Probably happy.

Our actions produce energy and traces will be left wherever we go, good moods produce beneficial energy however if you are in a bad mood, feel stressed, shout or scream, what then?

Some of the energy produced will dissipate, however much of it won't; our home is a breeding ground for conflict however minor it may be, the bricks, mortar and floorboards of the building will soak this up like a sponge.

Imagine now moving into a house where the couple are divorcing, are you surprised that your own emotions or subconscious picks up on this and reacts accordingly.

Healing the house can help avoid so-called 'repeating patterns', hopefully breaking the tragic cycle.


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