"I feel so much more energetic, the whole family do too"

Geopathic Stress

I have worked on many families, houses and businesses over the years, dealing with a lot of different and sometimes perplexing problems associated with geopathic stress.

A telephone conversation usually starts off with "You might think that this is odd but...."

I certainly don't think that anything is strange, anymore!

Please contact me and talk, I am quite prepared to listen.

Here are some of the comments made by my clients over the years (click on titles):

"Life is like walking through treacle" "I feel so unhappy when I am at home"
"My house won't sell"
"I wake up grinding my teeth"
"I am acting totally out of character" "I feel so much better when I am away from home"
"There are always arguments in the house" "There is an odd smell in certain rooms"
"My children won't settle at night" "Everyone seems so unhappy at work"
"People around me all seem so negative" "My house doesn't feel like my home"
"I find it difficult to sleep" "I hear strange noises at night"
"Why am I so unlucky" "I feel as though I am being watched"
"The dog seemingly barks at nothing" "My cat always sleeps on my bed. Why?"


 For a fuller explanation please click here (Paradigm Shift article)

Click here to find out how I may be able to help.

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