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Courses 2018

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I offer a range of in depth and informative Dowsing Courses and Workshops across the country including how to  Heal Your Home of geopathic stress, spirits etc.

I have given talks on many spiritual subjects including the Bosnian Pyramids, Healing with Sacred Symbols, Earth Healing, Labyrinths and Stone Circles, Spirit/Ghost rescue etc.

All courses and talks can be tailor made to suit individuals and groups. Please contact me to discuss any requirements you may have. Please email should you be interested in a course, price etc.



Heal Your Home II Course (Geopathic Stress)
Hurst Greem TBC

Heal Your Home I Course (How to detect and deal with Geopathic stress in your home)
27th and 28th October 2018 - Hurst Green, Nr Clitheroe, Lancashire

Over this special weekend we will be working on bringing healing to your home and family. The course is specifically designed to enable you to work on your family home, office or workspace; in conjunction with my book entitled Heal Your Home. Over the two days you will be shown how to find the problem areas in your own house, including inherited human emotions, energy lines, water veins, spirits / ghosts, energy channels, energy spirals, detrimental attachments etc. We will be working on a floor plan of your home using remote dowsing techniques, building up a picture of where the noxious energies are located. On Sunday afternoon, we will be carrying out a unique healing leaving your home and family in peace, balance and harmony.
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Heal Your Home II Course (Geopathic Stress)
Hurst Greem TBC

The second of two intensive workshops designed to enable you to work on clearing houses of Geopathic Stress. It includes how to remote dowse for the many problems associated with these detrimental energies and how they manifest themselves in your home. A unique healing session is included during Sunday afternoon. Develop your intuitional skills and use remote dowsing to ascertain the problems that you face day-to- day and a break down on exactly what Geopathic Stress is. Other topics include: Fracking, Past Life Vows, Consecrated Ground, Curses and Spells, Black Magic, Karmic Problems, Toxic Lines and Sink Holes, Fractured Souls, Technopathic Stress (EMF etc), Elementals, Tree and Animal Spirits, Psychic Attack etc. Also a refresher and fine tuning the healing carried out in Heal Your Home I. 

TALKS - Autumn 2018

Elementals my Dear Watson - Maldon, Essex - 18th September 2018 (Click here)

Elementals my Dear Watson - Bristol Dowsers - 21st September 2018 (Click here)

Holy Sites and Sacred Places - NewHorizons, Preston - 18th October 2018 (Click here)

Holy Sites and Sacred Spaces - Thames Valley Dowsers - 21st October 2018 (Booking essential - Click here

Holy Sites and Sacred Spaces - South Hereford Dowsers - 1st November 2018 (Click here)

Soul Rescue - Leicester Dowsers - 8th December 2018 (Click here)


'Spiritual Earth' Courses for 2018 - ('Spirit and Earth' book now available)

I am pleased to announce, in conjunction with Tim Walter of Knights Rose, a series of workshops until the title of Spiritual Earth. I have worked closely with Tim for several years (Intuition DVD etc) and we have been talking about setting up these courses for a while, my move to North Yorkshire has allowed this to happen and the dates and content are listed below. The first series took place here in the North but we are now spreading the net to include other special sites in Britian.

They will include trips to a number of very special Sacred Sites locally.



8th and 9th September - Avebury (Part II)
This workshop is specifically designed to combine the energies of Spirit, Mother Earth and Sacred Sites to help bring spiritual changes into your life.

A special weekend looking at how we can use the energies of Sacred Symbols, Mother Earth and Spirit to bring healing to ourselves and others. The Sanctity of Self * What are holy sites and sacred spaces * Why did our Ancestors build them * Our bodies as sacred spaces * Sacred Symbols and how to use them. in our livesHealing sessions using the energy of the Planet, Spirit and then a combination of energies * Psychic Protection * Construct and then meditate within a Sacred SiteVisits to various sacred sites locally.
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6th and 7th October - Grewelthorpe Nr Ripon (Part 1)
This workshop is specifically designed to combine the energies of our Ancestors and the Higher Realms to bring spiritual changes into your life.
This special weekend will include looking at how mindfulness and meditation can help us tune into and heal Earth Energies and Sacred Sites * The importance of Psychic Protection * How to train the Conscious and Subconscious Mind * Walking Meditation at a modern Sacred Site * Mind Mapping * Why Processional Ways were used * Healing Earth Energies at Sacred Sites * Working with and enhance the energies at Holy Sites * How Human Emotions affect Ancient Sites * Includes a visit to a modern sacred site and Brimham Rocks.
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