"The feeling that 'some thing' was in the bedroom has now gone"
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Summer, a time to rejoiceSent on 03 July 2012
Dates for your DiarySent on 11 April 2012
Heal Your Home CourseSent on 28 March 2012
Spring has almost sprung 2012 Sent on 24 February 2012
Dowsing Courses and new videoSent on 26 January 2012
Happy New YearSent on 09 January 2012
Winter 2011 NewsletterSent on 17 November 2011
New dvd just releasedSent on 13 October 2011
Dowsing WorkshopsSent on 20 September 2011
Dowsing Spirits NewsletterSent on 22 August 2011
Spiritual Dowsing CourseSent on 04 August 2011
Dowsing Spirits NewletterSent on 01 August 2011
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